Aging Workforce Problem

November 06th, 2017

Aging Workforce Problem

"Aging workforce" is a term often heard throughout corporate America. We have read how, over the next decade, the 45 and older (active worker) crowd will grow to an unprecedented percentage of the working population.Not long ago, reality became sparkling clear to me. Typically while conducting interviews with clients and potential clients, employee tenure is discussed.In our efforts to assist with controlling workers' comp, we know high turnover of employees makes it more challenging to perpetuate an injury prevention culture. Moreover, the statistics tell us that employees with less than one-year experience are more likely to sustain injuries than the average worker.This is well known information and along with a host of other reasons, make lowering employee turnover a common goal for all organizations. At least I thought it was. For the first time during two different interviews,with two different organizations, I was told, amazingly, that turnover was an issue. Too little turnover!!Here we have companies that are managed so well that employees want to stay there. Hooray we should say.But the concern of these companies was that employees were aging and becoming more prone to injury. They Performed the same or similar job tasks for years and were beginning to breakdown more often.

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