Workers' Comp - A Different Perspective On Cause & Effect

November 06th, 2017

Workers' Comp - A Different Perspective On Cause & Effect

If one looks at the essence of management or life in general, success boils down to the degree of one being more the cause of things versus being more the effect ofthings.The baseball player who can hit the ball with regularity is causing the effect versus the batter who solemnly trudges back to the dugout as being the effect (of the pitcher).The child learning arithmetic feels triumphant when his answer is correct. He is because over the adding of those numbers. The child does not feel good when he gets the answer wrong. He is, to this degree, the effect of these numbers.The teachers who go home frazzled with spitballs in their hair are being the effect of their students. Conversely,teachers who leave their jobs feeling good and that have orderly classrooms with kids learning, are being morecause.

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