Just Another Life-Changing Day at FIT

Just Another Life-changing Day at FIT!

We recently wrapped up a total of 5 days of training for approximately 200 warehouse and manufacturing staff at a major company in PA. Not only was the training well received, we quite literally changed the life of one of their employees.  Here is his story as related by our Backsafe Injury Prevention Specialist:

“An employee of a manufacturing plant for 44 years was suffering from constant sciatic nerve pain down his left leg for approximately 1 year or so. He stands and walks approximately 3 miles during an 8-12 hour shift (per pedometer).

At the end of his shift he would be dragging his left leg and limping to the parking lot. He was doing straight legged toe touches (a Backsafe® No-No) every morning hoping that it would help. It wasn’t.

He attended the Backsafe class on Wednesday, July 20th.

On Tuesday, July 26th he found me after my first training session and said ‘Hey, Doc. I just have to tell you; you changed my life.’

Intrigued, I asked him to tell me what had happened. He said that after the training, specifically doing the Knee-Pull Stretch (modified), the pain he'd had in his left leg went away and hasn't come back.

He stopped doing straight legged toe touches every morning and hasn't opened his bottle of Aleve in almost a week. He had been taking the painkillers daily.

He said he was looking forward to mowing his yard without pain for the first time in a long time.

On Thursday, July 28 I ran into him again as he was clocking out. He said, ‘Hey Doc. Look at me! I can keep up with these guys now,’ (all his co-workers who were in a hurry to get home). ‘Two weeks ago I was dragging my leg and limping out to the parking lot.’

I asked him if he had mowed his yard. He said that it wasn't long enough yet but ‘last night I was pulling weeds without pain. I was so happy I ran out of daylight before I wanted to quit.’

I congratulated him on his progress and told him to keep it up. He said he will never stop stretching and using the techniques he learned in class. 

As he walked away he was saying ‘I'm so happy. This is amazing.’”

Here is just a sampling of comments received from others during this round of training:  

This training was hands down the best training I’ve ever been through!”

“My back feels better already.”

“Loved to see bad habits and correct them.”

“Stretches were very valuable. Made a difference already.”

“Helpful for real life.”

“Should have put the principles in place 40 years ago.”

“The training is something you can use to maintain your health.”

“Excellent work. Makes work safe.”

“Great – very helpful and easy to understand. Great trainer/instructor!”

“Left with better attitude than arrived with.”

“Excellent presentation and hands on work related lifting.”

“Very helpful with doing my job safely.”

“Very informative. 10/10.”

“Overall, very good. Demonstrated many easy helpful exercises for use on a daily basis.”

“Good, informative & interesting training.”

“A lot of good information. Better than I had pictured.”

These kinds of comments are hardly uncommon in our line of work. When we set out to train people on how to prevent injuries 25 years ago, we knew we’d have to be more effective and really get employees to realize that the purpose is to HELP THEM, not just to reduce lost work days or workers’ comp costs.

With our format and training methodology, we’ve done just that. The Backsafe Injury Prevention program changes lives. Don’t wait to find out what it could mean for you and your people. We would love to talk with you.


Dennis Downing, CEO

Future Industrial Technologies, Inc.