Bionomic™ Injury Prevention Tips

Bionomic™ Injury Prevention Tips For You and Your Employees

You just arrived home from a day at work. As you get out of your car andmake your way into your home, how do you feel? Does your energy level

match that of your waiting family? Are you eager to begin your life after work? Or do you feel a tad used up? Do you feel any discomfort in your lower back? How about a dull headache? Are your neck or shoulders taut with tension?Do you feel less enthusiastic about life in general than you did only a few short years ago? Yes we are "maturing" but these symptoms are not necessarily symptoms of aging.

They may just be manifestations of physical stress and something that YOU can control. Physical discomfort can sneak up on us to deteriorate our quality of life and can, slowly overtime, influence a transition from being fully immersed in life's activities to becoming less active in life's many choices.Well in my kids' parlance, that sucks! I just had another birthday and I have way too much to do to have my body and mind tell me that I can't!

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