What You Don't Know Could Hurt You

What You Don't Know Could Hurt You

FIT Ergonomics: Keeping your workforce safe and healthy

By Dennis Downing

Work related sprain/strain injuries cost companies thousands of lost workdays each year and are a major drain on corporate profitability.If a solution to controlling these injuries existed it would have a profound impact on production and profits. Moreover, it would change the lives of millions of Americans every year that are stricken with back injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome and other sprain/strain injuries.It always fascinates me how man has “conquered” the environment. We can fly to Europe in only a few hours; we drive over bridges that seem to float over waterways; we can send millions of messages with the click of a mouse; and now there's even plans for recreational trips to outer space!Man has evolved technology to make living more productive, pleasurable and convenient. Yet despite these advances we have yet to discover how to prevent something as simple as a back injury.

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