Workers' Comp Glass Half Full Despite Bad News and Losses

Workers' Comp Glass Half Full Despite Bad News and Losses

In today’s world of network news, cable news, talk radio and the internet, we are bombarded with news from across the globe. However, have you noticed what the purveyors of news sell as "news"? Why is "news" almost always bad news? Why isn’t good news considered equally as "news"?

The world continues to spin and as a people, our lot in life is significantly better than at any time in history. This indicates that there are many more people on this planet doing good constructive activities than those that are doing evil and destructive things. I will avoid a tangent by summarizing the point with, yes we do need to know about certain bad events that occur, to stay current and to help us stay aware of potential dangers.

However, it is a liability to us all to not get a balance of the positive news. It is a fact that the bad news in this world is dwarfed by an abundance of very positive things that occur everyday. The attention to all things bad tends to create the picture that the world in general is a very dangerous environment and that there is little hope. This insidiously can dampen our morale and can cause considerable stress, which is not healthy.

What does this have to do with Workers' Comp? 

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