Onsite Sprain/Strain Injury Prevention Training

"The training was very interactive, informative and educational. Many employees commented how much they appreciated how specific the training was to their work functions. From my perspective, your trainer presented the material effectively and was extremely engaging with the employees. Her depth of knowledge on the topics discussed, clearly made her a subject matter expert in the eyes of her audience." - Director of Operations, Wine Distributor

The problem: 
Cumulative Microtrauma (CMT) Disorders such as back, neck, shoulder and knee injuries, cost North American companies over $20 billion a year! Just one sprain or strain injury can cost a company upwards of $60 thousand. Not to mention the personal pain and life altering effects of these types of injuries.

The cause: 
Microtrauma accumulated over time insidiously leads to fatigue, discomfort, pain, and for the unlucky, injury. What FIT has discovered is that workers have never learned how to safely conduct activities of daily living, both at work and at home.

The solution: 
The Backsafe® Injury Prevention Program is a combination of theory and practical teaching methods combined to ensure employees learn how to use their bodies safely - both at home and on-the-job! Employees get education on how to use their bodies that they should have been taught in grade school, but never were.

Backsafe® Training Workshops
  • Personalized, onsite group training
  • Customized for the job description being addressed
  • Educational, hands on, interactive
  • Delivered by healthcare professionals
  • NOT a boring video!
  • Applicable both on and off the job.
  • Proprietary teaching methods ensure employees buy-in to changing their own behavior!

Three major breakthroughs helped Backsafe®  and Sittingsafe®  to become the most effective injury prevention programs in North America. These discoveries transcended the sciences of ergonomics, biomechanics, and workplace stretching to include how to teach these principles to get employees to listen, embrace, and incorporate them into activities of daily living, on and off the job.

The Result:
Backsafe® graduates have learned how to do their jobs in the safest way possible. But more than that, they’ve bought into changing their own work habits. Sprain and strain injuries are dramatically reduced, your workers' compensation costs go down, employee morale and productivity soars, and your bottom line grows. 

Check out some of our clients’ results:

“This course needs to continue annually. Without this training people will continue unsafe practices. This class has fixed all of my back problems and pain.”

“My arthritis doesn’t flare up like it used to.”

“I can already tell my neck feels better. Awesome!!!”

“For years, my back would hurt a couple of times a year. Since starting at CDW and starting regular stretching with Backsafe classes, I have had 4 pain free years.”

What is an injury costing your company? Find out here: 

We have Backsafe® Certified Injury Prevention Specialists throughout the United States and Canada.