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"The training was very interactive, informative and educational. Many employees commented how much they appreciated how specific the training was to their work functions. From my perspective, your trainer presented the material effectively and was extremely engaging with the employees. Her depth of knowledge on the topics discussed, clearly made her a subject matter expert in the eyes of her audience." 
- Director of Operations, Wine Distributor

Lower Workers' Compensation Costs with Injury Prevention and Ergonomics Training

Workers' compensation costs are one of the highest expenses in most companies. Several states are even considering changes to the workers' comp laws because workplace injuries are playing havoc with business costs. 

Savvy companies looking for a way to put a stop to these rising costs are using proven injury prevention programs that lower claims and insurance costs and raise productivity. 

Recent studies show that effective health and wellness programs have a high ROI — a $16 return for each $1 invested.

What is the Backsafe® Program?

The Backsafe® Injury Prevention Program prevents back, shoulder, neck, and upper extremity injuries and is customized for any job description (except office workers—see Sittingsafe®). These practical  workshops are conducted on location and are designed to change employees’ physical behavior.   

What is the Sittingsafe® Program?

Sittingsafe® uses the bionomic-based philosophy that one must do a physical skill to truly learn it. This practical workshop teaches employees for the first time in their lives how to ergonomically adjust any workstation for their specific needs. Employees usually don't need additional or fancy ergonomic equipment or furniture. In many instances they mainly need to know how to correctly utilize what they have already. Employees gladly discover the true sources of their fatigue, discomfort, and pain and learn how to immediately alleviate it. 

Results speak for themselves!

"I felt the training was outstanding and perhaps the best I have had since I have been with the company. I received the same type of feedback from multiple employees. A lot of skepticism before the training...a bunch of believers afterwards. The buzz in the plant has been very positive since. Guys are correcting each other when they see others not lifting or carrying properly. We need more types of training like this one. I truly believe more training like this will improve safety sooner than later. I don’t know how to explain it. He didn’t just show us proper techniques, he taught us how our bodies work and made it all make sense. The buzz was and still is very positive. Thank you again for this training."
-John, Ryerson

"I wanted to tell you the Sittingsafe training was excellent. We love Dr. Jo - she is dynamic, approachable and brings the subject matter to life in a way that makes it fun for participants. I got a lot of great feedback from the staff who attended yesterday. Everyone thought it was a great use of their time... I was truly impressed with the quality of the training. One thing is to look and read the training booklet and another is to experience the training. I just wanted to tell you that you have created a truly great platform for reaching across a wide group of employees to teach them valuable life skills on how to stay healthy at work. Thanks again."
-Joanna,  City of Concord

"We felt the training was very successful.  Everyone seems to have enjoyed the training.  Dr. James was an excellent instructor.  He was the perfect choice for us.  We have received multiple comments stating it was the best training they have ever had.  Some comments included one supervisor advising us he has incorporated the stretches in the morning before his staff starts their day, another employee said he is doing the stretches throughout the day and has also shown his family the stretches. One student assistant said that he was very grateful to have been invited to the training since the skills he learned will help him his entire life."

-Jill, CSU East Bay

These companies have reduced injuries and lowered costs with the FIT custom Ergonomics training program:

Reduced lost workdays from
17,521 days
7,022 days

United Airlines

 injuries down by

L.A. County Assessor's Office
 injuries down by


Hillcrest Healthcare System

reduced workers' compensation costs by $2.1 million over two years

If you're looking for ways to cut costs and improve productivity, contact FIT.