Office Ergonomic Training

“I’ve been having serious upper arm and shoulder pain during the past month and it was getting progressively worse and troublesome.  After taking the Sittingsafe class, I changed up my workstation to a more ergonomically safe position.   Doing this, combined with a week off work, has lessened the pain tremendously. I hope you contract with FIT again. The class was truly very informative and helpful…. I now have hope all the shoulder pain will eventually go away entirely.” – Administrative Services Manager

Why Sittingsafe

The problem

Repetitive stress injuries (RSIs), such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tendonitis, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, and others, cost North American companies billions of dollars a year! Just one Carpal Tunnel injury can cost a company upwards of $60 thousand. Not to mention the personal pain and life altering effects of these types of injuries. Moreover, what are the hidden costs of employees not yet hurt but feeling fatigue and discomfort from sitting all day?

The cause

Microtrauma accumulated over time insidiously leads to fatigue, discomfort, pain, and for the unlucky, injury. What FIT has discovered is that workers have never learned how to safely conduct activities of daily living, both at work and at home. And more recently, prolonged sitting has come to the forefront as a major contributing factor in the onset of injury and illness!

The solution

The Sittingsafe® Office Ergonomic Training Program is a combination of theory and practical teaching methods combined to ensure employees learn how to solve their own pain and discomfort. Employees are taught how to optimally adjust their workstation to eliminate symptoms of cumulative microtrauma.

Sittingsafe® Training Workshops

  • Personalized, on-site group training
  • Customized for your workers
  • Theory, practical, interactive
  • Delivered by Physical Therapists or Doctors of Chiropractic
  • NOT a boring video!
  • Applicable both on and off the job
  • Proprietary teaching methods ensure employees’ buy-in

Major breakthroughs on training helped Backsafe® and Sittingsafe® to become the most effective injury prevention programs in North America. These discoveries transcended the sciences of ergonomics, biomechanics, and workplace stretching to include how to teach these principles to get employees to listen, embrace and incorporate them into daily activities on and off the job.

The Result

Sittingsafe® graduates that can set up any workstation in the world, whether at home or at work, correctly for their body! Pain and discomfort resulting from cumulative microtrauma are dramatically reduced, workers’ compensation costs go down, employee morale and productivity soars. Your bottom line improves and costly purchases of new ergonomic furniture is significantly reduced.

Check out some of our clients’ results

“I thought the training was extremely powerful and eye-opening. I have so much knowledge now to help improve my work day to allow more energy after work. Thank you!”

“Excellent class; worth every minute. A class every office should attend.”

“The class was great! So glad I came today. I almost didn’t, due to time, but it was so worth it!”

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