Who Is FIT?

Future Industrial Technologies (FIT) is one of the largest workplace injury prevention companies in North America, with certified Injury Prevention Specialists in the U.S. and Canada. We help organizations stop costly back injuries and other sprain/strains before they happen.

How Do We Prevent Sprain/Strains?

Bionomics™ is a new discovery in the field of injury prevention that uses a wellness approach to cut workers’ comp costs. It combines biomechanics, ergonomics, stretching and the behavioral sciences to help employees change their physical behavior on and off the job. Bionomics has solved the age-old problem of employee buy-in. It is now easy to reduce costly injuries because employees become part of the solution, not the problem. (Read more about Bionomics™ here.)


Backsafe is a program that prevents back, shoulder, neck and upper extremity injuries and is customized for any job description (except office workers – see Sittingsafe®). These “obstacle course” based workshops are conducted on-site and change employees’ physical behavior.

What Type Of Employers Do We Work With?

We have trained over 1,000,000 employees in an astonishingly wide array of industry sectors: Manufacturing, warehousing, trucking, hospitals, long term care, food service, grocery, universities, schools, wine industry, financial offices, trades, bus transportation, construction, utilities, maintenance, mechanics, oil and gas, airlines, public entities (police, fire, public works, etc.) and office workers! And many more!

We have two bionomic-based programs that are specifically customized for each company and departmen

Obstacle Course

A key breakthrough in getting employees to use the Backsafe principles during their workday and at home was the discovery that to learn a physical skill, one has to DO it, not just hear about it. Job task specific practical modules are designed to help employees learn how it FEELS to do their jobs correctly.

Sittingsafe® Office Ergonomic Program

Sittingsafe uses the bionomic-based philosophy that one must do a physical skill to truly learn it. This practical workshop teaches employees for the first time in their lives how to ergonomically adjust workstations for their specific needs. Employees usually don’t need additional or fancy ergonomic equipment or furniture. In many instances they mainly need to know how to correctly utilize what they have already. Employees gladly discover the true sources of their fatigue, discomfort and pain and learn how to immediately alleviate it.

Work-Related Stretching

Proper biomechanical technique learned in the proprietary obstacle courses reduces “microtrauma” that your employees will experience. Backsafe 3-Minute stretches get rid of accumulated physical stress. Simple yet extremely powerful stretches help relieve fatigued muscles and prevent major injury events.

Practical Module

Employees practice how to adjust their chairs, desks, mice, monitors, etc. via the Sittingsafe practical module. They become in-charge of how they feel at the end of their day versus being a victim of day-to-day computer tasks.


Once employees learn how to adapt workstations for their specific needs, they learn how to rid their bodies of fatigue and discomfort via the specialized Sittingsafe 3-Minute stretches. The Sittingsafe stretches alone can be life changing!


The end result of both Injury Prevention Programs is a dramatic reduction in workers’ comp costs and lost work time. Moreover, you will be very pleased when your employees thank you for providing this life changing training.

Implement, Maintain and Reinforce

FIT will help your organization to incorporate the Backsafe and/or Sittingsafe principles into your culture for short and long term benefits. Why spend money on workers’ comp and lost employee production when it is easy to prevent? 

Who Does The Training?

All of FIT’s trainers are licensed health care providers and certified in the Backsafe and Sittingsafe Programs. We have a network of Backsafe and Sittingsafe Certified Injury Prevention Specialists across North America to deliver training wherever you need it.

On-Site or Remote One-on-One Ergonomic Evaluations

FIT can provide one-on-one on-site ergonomic evaluations or provide telephonic ergo evals. Whether it’s an existing claim and ordered by a doctor, or simply to help a suffering employee, FIT will conduct the evaluation and create a professional report of findings and recommendations. We will correct what is causing the discomfort, pain or injury and prevent that large workers’ comp claim waiting to happen.

How Valuable Is Our Service?

What would it mean to a company’s profitability and production if sprain/strain injuries were reduced by 30%-60% or more? What would it mean to employees and their families to never have that life-altering injury? We keep employees on the job and producing so the company and employees benefit.

Why Should You Get Started Now?

One back claim can cost well over $100,000. Nowhere in our society are we truly taught how to use our body correctly while on the job or at home. Most back claims are an accumulation of microtrauma due to improper use of our bodies. The longer you wait, the more you will spend on costly and needless injuries.

How Do I Get Started?

Call 1-800-775-2225 now or email us and ask for a consultation to learn more about stopping painful and life altering employee injuries.

Our Mission

FIT’s mission is to help organizations to significantly reduce workers’ compensation costs and lost work days by helping employees to prevent painful and life altering sprain/strain injuries on AND off the job; to prevent costly surgeries and the need to take opiate medications to relieve pain; to help people to be able to lead active and healthy lifestyles.

FIT’s philosophy is to deliver training better than our customers expect and to make a difference in each employee’s life.