Greyhound Lines Inc.

  • As an organization, Greyhound wanted to reduce the number of injury claims and the cost of those claims. 
  • In essence, we wanted to win the race on reducing injuries to our employees.
  • How would we get in the race and win?
  • It started with understanding what it takes to win.
So we asked ourselves “What’s Important Now”? (W.I.N.) There was a need to address our primary cause of injuries. 70% of our serious injuries were related to material handling.
  • Push, pull, twisting and lifting were the primary culprits.
  • We had a training program for proper lifting and handling of heavy items. 
  • But better training was needed for our employees 


That is where Future Industrial Technologies came in. 

We met with Dennis and his team, discussed our needs and decided on the best training program for us. 

Training was implemented in late 2010 to over 2,000 drivers and mechanics at over 40 locations across North America. Staff were then specially trained on delivery of the Backsafe program so they could keep the program alive and fresh and new hires could be trained as they joined the team . 



"The program is about understanding your body and using good techniques to be healthy.  That is not just so you can feel good and be safe at work. It is about your employees going home injury free, feeling good and having the energy to do things with your family or enjoy activities outside of work."
-Bryan Hunt, Senior Manager of OH & Safety
Greyhound Lines

            "This was the very best training I have ever received in my 20 year career with the company. I love it!"

Greyhound highly recommends the Backsafe Program. The program worked for Greyhound and it can work for you. 
These outstanding reductions happened with the help of Dennis and his team. We increased focus on the primary cause of injuries and did something about it. You need to know, “What’s Important Now”.  It really is, all about ‘WINning'.