Backsafe® and Sittingsafe® Materials

FIT's materials were originally designed to complement our training services only. Informative and effective in their own right,  we now offer them for sale individually. Available in English and Spanish.

Laminated Sittingsafe®
Stretching Card (front)

Laminated Backsafe®
Stretching Card (back)

Sittingsafe® Stretching Poster

Backsafe® Stretching Poster

Backsafe®/Sittingsafe® Workbook

Backsafe®/Sittingsafe® Workbook

Backsafe®/Sittingsafe® Workbook

Backsafe®/Sittingsafe® Workbook

Backsafe® Code of Conduct Poster

  • Backsafe Wristband $1.00 each
  • Laminated Stretching Card $1.25 each
  • Stretching Posters $20.00 each
  • Workbook $10.00 each
(Includes one free laminated stretching card per workbook)

  • Laminated Sittingsafe® Stretching Cards for office workers.
    [6.5" x 3.25"] (Available in English only.)

  • Laminated Backsafe® Stretching Cards for non-office personnel.
    [6.5" x 3.25"] (Available in both English and Spanish.)

  • Sittingsafe® Stretching Posters for office workers.
    [18" x 24"] (Available in English only.)

  • Backsafe® Stretching Posters for non-office personnel.
    [18" x 24"] (Available in both English and Spanish.)

  • Backsafe®/Sittingsafe® Workbook.
    (Available in both English and Spanish)