During this busy season, it’s impossible to avoid standing still for long periods of time…

Consider waiting in line at the post office… 

Standing in the kitchen creating confectionary delights… 

Wrapping gifts for hours on end… 

Standing ovations at your children/grandchildren/student/neighbor concerts… 

Placing decorations thoughtfully… 

I’m certain you could add to this list from your own traditions as well. 

Despite the joy and happiness the season brings, standing still for long periods of time is a form of Repetitive Stress and can contribute to low back pain and fatigue. 

Hamstrings can tighten, which can also lead to back pain. 

Here are some useful tips to keep you feeling great this holiday season: 

• It is no accident that bars install standing foot rails to keep their patrons comfortable. Raising one foot can relieve stress and prevent fatigue. Open a cabinet door and use the cupboard as a footrest while doing dishes or even brushing your teeth.

• Shift your feet from a normal width when standing to a wider stance from time to time, particularly if you are working on a lower surface.

• Alternate staggering your feet. 

• Do a back extension stretch and a hamstring stretch from time to time, especially when standing on tile or other hard surfaces. These are a small part of our Backsafe® Injury Prevention program which many companies find so very helpful for preventing sprain/strain injuries for their employees. 

Here’s to a healthy, peaceful and happy holiday season to you and those you love. Call 800-775-2225 and ask for me, Dennis Downing, to discuss how we can help you accomplish your production and financial goals! 

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Dennis Downing 

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