One of the most valuable pieces of advice I have come across in my life is to always keep your attention on your GOAL and not the barriers to accomplishing it.

Every worthwhile goal or endeavor has its barriers. The most prized accomplishments are usually those accompanied by the biggest barriers. The game won against the best competition; the mountain climbed with the severest conditions; the production target met with not nearly enough time to conceivably get it done; are examples of goals achieved by ignoring the reasons it couldn’t be done (barriers).

It could even be said that goals with few or small barriers result in less joy.

Your best leaders, managers, employees, athletes, soldiers, have an ability to overcome barriers to their goals to attain their ultimate desired outcome.

The very best at this are legends in life. If our country’s Founders weren’t entirely dedicated to the goal of Freedom, the overwhelming barriers at the time would have ended the Revolution before it began.

What does this have to do with workers’ comp costs? There is one particular barrier that can stop a person’s ability to reach their goals and dreams probably more so than any other— PAIN!

In fact, pain’s “goal” is to attract your attention. It is the body’s warning system to stop what you are doing and fix it. When the pain is severe enough, it becomes impossible to maintain one’s attention on anything else.

Pain and injury are major barriers to employees’ and management’s goals. The most painful and costly injuries are back and shoulder claims. Not only are work goals impossible, but the mere act of trying to get a good night’s sleep is a challenge.

Backsafe® is a training program that has prevented thousands of life altering injuries over the years. We keep employees in the game, off the sidelines, performing their jobs.

Backsafe Injury Prevention workshops have helped a nationally recognized transportation company eliminate 10,000 lost workdays per year! A national distribution company has cut sprain/strains by 60% over the last 2 years! In business, eliminating pain and injuries mean higher production, less lost time and less tedious paperwork. Not to mention the windfall savings possible by stopping these expensive claims.

You keep your eye on the mountain top, while we eliminate your barriers to productivity and profits! A perfect partnership!

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