We live in the age of electronics! Entertainment, our work, and instantaneous communication with the world are at our finger tips via computers and smart telephones. The work related and personal benefits to our quality of life are amazing and I for one would never want to go back.

However, this electronics age isn’t 100% peaches and cream. There comes with all the conveniences, liabilities that ironically negatively impact our quality of life.

FIT has been in the workplace injury prevention business for over 27 years. Our Backsafe® program prevents back and shoulder injuries while our Sittingsafe® ergonomic training addresses the pains and discomforts prevalent with computer users. Most office staff aren’t “hurt” by keyboards, mice, monitors, and phones but a majority of computer users across the planet are HURTING!

Neck and shoulder discomfort, low back pain, aching wrists, and headaches are a few of the chronic symptoms prevalent with today’s office worker. Front page articles proclaim the deleterious effects of sitting, yet in this electronics age, what are we to do?

Pain and discomfort are antipathetic to a happy life. It is hard to enjoy life when one is suffering from chronic discomfort. Lacking a true solution to employees’ complaints of computer related pain, employers spend a lot of money on new ergonomic chairs and workstations. New chairs and sit-to-stand desks are awesome, but are they always necessary? (Sit-to-stands are necessary if there are disc issues that cause pain when sitting.)

What if I told you that after conducting thousands of ergonomic evaluations and workshops throughout North America, we have learned that almost 100% of computer users share a common cause of their ills? Despite living in the age of instantaneous knowledge, OFFICE PERSONNEL DON’T KNOW HOW TO USE THEIR EXISTING CHAIRS AND WORKSTATIONS CORRECTLY!

Chairs and workstations are capable of numerous adjustments that are designed to prevent the precise pains and discomforts being experienced! Employees don’t know that they are not using their workstations correctly and certainly aren’t assigning their aches and pains to a lack of training. They think it must be the chair or desk, etc.

When we enter an office environment it is almost guaranteed that we will see:

  • people sitting in positions that cause the discomfort
  • keyboards positioned too high and too far away causing circulation and neck issues
  • mice not placed in the right position which cause a myriad of physiological symptoms
  • monitors too far, too high, too low, being the culprit of neck and shoulder issues and the pandemic forward head position that over time becomes one’s permanent posture.

Most of the time existing workstations and chairs aren’t ergonomically deficient. However, virtually no one knows how to adjust them correctly to work pain free. If you want employees out of pain then buying more furniture that they still don’t know how to adjust properly isn’t the answer. Providing training to discover the cause of their pain, and to provide a permanent solution to it is the very simple solution, and one that gets incredibly rave reviews by employees.

FIT is available to conduct one-on-one ergonomic evaluations across the US and most of Canada. Our solutions are simple, powerful and not based on selling you more ergonomic furniture or gadgets. We teach people how to adapt their existing workstations as they were designed to be used. We even have small group Sittingsafe ergonomic workshops to train higher volumes of employees.

Quality of life is important and now attainable even for those that must sit while working. Be a hero or heroine for your employees and call us today (1-800-775-2225) to learn more about our Sittingsafe ergonomic solutions. We make people feel better and save you money at the same time.