“School’s Out” (for summer) by Alice Cooper is an anthem song for kids signifying the freedom of their summer break from school.

As we approach the end of summer and the beginning of a brand new school year, I think a celebratory bookend song might be“School Starts” (for parents)! Thank goodness for routines and structure!

Personally, this summer was a very busy and active one for our family. During a trip back to the East Coast, I was once again reminded about the volume of “stuff” that us humans have to lug and move around. From suitcases, laundry baskets, kayaks, golf clubs, grass clippings, kids, car seats, groceries, coolers, shovels, dirt, plants, backpacks, and other various and sundry items which inevitably end up on a floor. Gravity sure does provide physical challenges!  Then, of course, there comes the “stuff” we get paid to move at work! There are way too many items to list for this category.

The physical world = stuff we have to move and lift. 

We move “stuff” all day long, on and off the job…big stuff, small stuff, heavy stuff and light stuff. What if we were never trained on how to move all this “stuff” correctly? What if society just took it for granted that us “top of the food chain” humans intuitively knew how to lift, push, pull, and otherwise move things?

Heck, 80% of us would suffer from a back injury in our lives! Imagine the pain and suffering that would occur. Think of the lifestyles that would be altered because of pain and the drugs that would be taken to stop the pain.

Imagine a manager trying to profitably get production accomplished if society overlooked the need to train people on how to properly move and lift boxes, pallets, etc., at work?

28 years ago, I realized that society did in fact overlook the need to teach humans how to move and lift things and that this lack of knowledge was causing all of the above and costing industry billions of dollars each year. Our solution to prevent back and shoulder injuries was a brand new training method called Bionomics®.  

Bionomics is a very effective employee training method that has now helped millions of employees learn how to avoid back, shoulder, and ergonomic injuries.  Consequently, companies have substantially reduced workers’ comp costs and lost work days and increased production. 

After 26 years of delivering Bionomic training in the form of our Backsafe® andSittingsafe® programs to companies and organizations of all description in the US and Canada, FIT discovered for a fact that back and shoulder injuries are preventable with as little as 2 hours of training.


·        prevents back, shoulder and other sprain/strain injuries

·        prevents pain and discomfort

·        prevents the need for dangerous opioid pain drugs

·        helps companies to keep employees healthy and on the job working

·        creates windfall savings as it prevents the most costly workers’ comp claims

·        makes people feel better immediately

·        helps morale by helping employees on and off the job

Your employees need to know how to properly move their “stuff”—on the job or at home—to lead happier and healthy lives. We make people happier and companies more profitable!! Win/Win!!

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Dennis Downing, CEO

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